tahini cocoa balls pic

Tahini Cocoa Balls

They might look a bit ugly but they’re delicious! I found this recipe in one of my old yoga magazines. I added and subtracted a few ingredients and think I’ve come up with something highly nutritious, easy to make and highly yummy! All you really need is tahini, honey and cocoa powder. You can invent […]

BOZ + LOVE Loveliness Files


For all you visual creatures out there, I thought I’d start a new thread of post entries about my three biggest sources of inspiration: PATTERNS, NATURE and WORDS. I’m calling it the Loveliness Files. Starting off with some beautiful patterns and awe-inspiring images from nature.

BOZ + LOVE batwing tencel tee

BOZ + LOVE at the Bondi Markets

We were at Bondi Markets last Sunday. A great sunny day to sell to some great Bondi locals and visitors! We had a blast and would definitely recommend visiting the markets if you haven’t done so already. I’m glad I didn’t have any real down-time to go shopping or else I would  have spent every […]


The BOZ + LOVE Natural Beauty Product Review

Each woman is naturally and uniquely beautiful. So we should take care of bodies. It’s our only one and we can’t hop into another one once we’ve used and abused our current form. That being said, I thought it befitting to share with you some of my ultimate favourite, must-have, 100% natural beauty products I […]